About EasyWYG
EasyWYG is our web-based site manager and wysiwyg. Our goal is to develop a cross-browser compatible interface that helps personal as well as professional web developers. This is not a content management system, but rather an aide for creating static and dynamic web content easier.
The wysiwyg component is being developed from the ground up with JavaScript. Many of the popular web-based wysiwygs are simply wrapper classes for a browser component called the Rich Text Editor (RTE). RTE is good for aspiring web designers and amateurs who know little HTML. Plus RTE has limitations and is not meant for complex CSS-driven web sites. Our wysiwyg uses a feature of JavaScript called Dynamic Node Editing. This feature has been around for a few years and is widely supported by most browsers and, most importantly, the W3C.
It is our hope that EasyWYG will grow to become a standard back-end tool for web developers, such as phpMyAdmin is currently
5/16/2005: Web site is up and functional. We are currently looking for developers, so if you or anyone you know would like to help develop EasyWYG, email me at SmellyFishStudios@yahoo.com
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5/16/2005: Adding components to the page canvas